Sections Mug

Sections is 16 angled (hexadecagon) ceramic mug, which suites well for enjoying hot or cold beverages. It can be also used as a dessert serving cup.

The Sections is minimalistic and geometric, the everyday design with character. Its conical shape derives to 16 cross-sections. The angular design provides always a good grip from the mug. Sections is manufactured from vitreous porcelain. The product is dishwasher, freezer, oven, and microwave safe. In the early phase, the product is manufactured in the timeless white color, which suites all table settings. The height of the Sections Mug is 70mm and the diameter is 78.2mm. The volume of the mug is 200ml. The product is manufactured in Thailand.



H: 70mm, ⌀: 78.2mm, Volume: 200ml


Vitreous porcelain

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