Lankku S, Tray

Lankku M, Tray

In-Between, Trivet

In-Between, Coaster

Sections, Mug

Small wall shelf


Farö was born in 2010. It took some time to elaborate the ideas and elements of the brand. The Farö™ was finally launched in the summer 2015.

Farö's name is related to the following story. My grandparents lived in Lapland by Muonio River. As a child, I was fascinated by the idea that one could swim to Sweden from the shore of a grand parent’s place. In the middle of the Muonio River there was a sandbank, which we called grandpa’s island. The island was so tiny that it was not even marked on the maps. This was a wonderful playground for my sisters and cousins on warm summer days. Farö name derives from the Swedish words farfar's ö.

Farö is now an island for me, from which I can try different approaches to product design.


The design of the Farö products is followed by a 'slow design' approach. Slowness in design is not an end in itself; it is possible to develop the product idea close to the finished product quite quickly. However, you can distance yourself from the planning by spending more time for thinking process before the product release decision. Unhurried design decision making has its own benefit; if the product looks good after a long period of time, it has created some features that will certainly last for a longer time.

Slow design also involves the idea that there is no final product model. Even a finished product may be modified better. In this way, a real momentum of slow design is achieved in the product’s development.